SELF Mastery Academy

How do you feel when your head hits the pillow every night?

Satisfied? Victorious? Complete?

Yeah… not so much.

Instead, every day feels like a mad scramble.

You put out client fires, weed whack your untameable inbox… and just when you finally get into a groove, you have to stop and sit through ANOTHER time-wasting conference call.

Oh yeah — and then there’s that whole self-care thing you’re supposed to be doing.

Meanwhile, all the truly important things — your passion project, your Big Dream, meaningful movement in your business and personal life— are perpetually getting back-burnered.

You’re busy — so, so busy — but you’re not really going anywhere.

And instead of feeling like a hero at the end of every day, you feel dazed and unfulfilled. Like you must not be “doing it right.”

Guess what — you’re not. But it’s not your fault!

You’ve just been working with a faulty system.


We used to be just like you.

It’s true! We’re Cathryn & Allen, the co-founders of Best Self Co. (Hi.)

A few years ago, we were running a total of three businesses — Cathryn had hers, Allen had his, and we ran a joint venture together.

So yeah. We had a lot on our plates.

We were working harder than ever, but we both felt like hamsters on a wheel.

We were overwhelmed. Frustrated.

And worst of all, we weren’t having any fun.

We wanted to take back our time. To have clear direction on who should be focusing on what, and when. To feel that all our hard work actually meant something.

We wanted to make meaningful progress in our business and lives — every. single. day.

We needed a SYSTEM.

So we did what any overachieving business owner would do — we made one from scratch.

That system eventually became our first product, The SELF Journal, which is now in its 3rd edition, with over 10,000 units sold.

Since then, we’ve developed dozens of additional products, won multiple awards, and been featured in Business Insider, Inc, Huffington Post, and more. We even recently got endorsed by Daymond John of Shark Tank, who called our product a "must have for all entrepreneurs."

Aw shucks, Daymond.. :)

The staggering success of the SELF Journal told us two things:

1.High achievers (like you) tend to take on TONS of responsibility. And without a tried-and-true system to manage it all, they (you) end up on a fast track to overwhelm.

2.The Journal is just a tool; one small (but awesome) piece of the productivity puzzle. We knew we needed to offer something more comprehensive.

We’ve spent years studying and learning from the most successful, high-performing people in the world, modeling their strategies and habits, keeping what worked, and ditching what didn’t.

What we found was that most of the existing productivity / personal development systems failed to address one of the core problems that got you into this situation to begin with.

Namely, how’d you get so much crap on your plate?

Figuring out how to manage your day-to-day responsibilities is nothing to sneeze at.

But unless you offload a good chunk of them — permanently — you’ll never free up the time (or headspace) to focus on your REAL priorities.

And without a solid system in place to keep your schedule free of all those unnecessary time-wasters, you’ll end up right back where you started.

Introducing the

SELF Mastery Academy

This online course is the culmination of all the systems, strategies, and habits we’ve studied and practiced over the years.

That includes books, personal coaches, high-level planning systems, project management software, journals, calendars, morning routines, evening routines, workplace configuration, instant messaging platforms, and everything in between. Phew!

We’ve studied under the top experts in the field, and made their teachings our own.

Through our own trial and error, we’ve distilled it all into a repeatable series of steps you can take to:

  • Eliminate time-wasters
  • Reduce unnecessary energy drains (both mental & physical)
  • Say goodbye to overwhelm & procrastination
  • Start gaining traction on the stuff that actually matters

When we designed this program, we were super conscious of avoiding the “to-do-list trap” — that’s when your shiny new planning system becomes another thing to achieve, another problem to conquer, another “to-do” on the never ending list.

(We’re looking at you, overachievers. Takes one to know one 😊)

We want to make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew (that’s why we’re all here in the first place), so we broke the course down into six easily digestible modules.

Each module is a self-contained mini-course, with concrete action steps and a detailed reference list. Our online platform will even track your progress, so you don’t have to! (That, by the way, is what automation looks like. Keep reading.)



The biggest distractions and productivity pitfalls in our “busy-ness” culture — and what to do about them.


How to set daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals— the RIGHT way.


The value of stretch goals, and how to find the balance between pushing yourself and setting realistic goals.


How to preserve your mental & physical energy by reducing the amount of decisions you make in a day.


Creative ways to leverage your time and resources to get the most out of those 24 hours. (Hint — delegate.)


What you can do to break the cycle of procrastination → beating yourself up → declaring yourself a failure → giving up and binging Netflix instead.


How to gain back the limited attention you’ve been squandering on all the wrong things (think emails, meetings, etc.)


How to build a time machine! A.K.A the systems and automations that we’ve used to scale and grow our business, eliminate repetition, and maximize our time & efficiency.


A super easy tracking system so you can measure your overall performance and growth, tweak what’s not working, and celebrate your wins.


Why your physical well-being is key to your success, and how you can tweak your daily routine to up-level your health.


How Am I Going To Learn?

Each module is filled with step-by-step training, done for you templates, action guides and resource lists. You’ll be able to watch and learn from the comfort of your home, or even on the go on your tablet or device.


Tired of sitting through long presentations and video? We are too. That’s not a fun way to learn, that’s why we’ve broken down our video training into short, bitesize and digestible pieces. Our goal is for you to learn, implement and take action as quickly as possible. The quicker the speed of implementation, the higher your chance of success.


We understand that people have different learning methods, some of you like watching videos and others like reading to have it sink in. With our multimedia training you’ll get access to the videos, PDF transcripts, downloadable checklists and resource guides.


Our program is housed on a platform that makes it easy to log your progress and see exactly which modules are complete and which assignments are still left to do. This will ensure you stay motivated and on track to complete the course.


How much is your lack of focus or direction costing you? How much of your potential are you not reaching due to the sea of distractions? A lack of clarity and focus may already been costing you the most valuable resource of all — time.


We are so dedicated to your success, that if you are not experiencing a higher level of performance in your life and business, and are not on your way to accomplishing your big vision goals, we will refund your investment 100%.

Our 30 day refund policy lets you try the entire course risk free. Apply the same systems that top performers and entrepreneurs use to strategically design their lives for success. And if for some reason those systems don’t work for you, we’ll refund your investment. No hard feelings.


How do I know if Self Mastery Course is for me?

We know exactly the type of person who will get the most out of the Self Mastery Course. That’s someone who has a big vision, with goals to match. But who has struggled with translating this vision to their everyday activities in a way that produces results, and elevates the quality of their performance and life. Someone who has the drive, but just knows that there is a better way of doing things to achieve high level goals without resorting to “hustling” their way to exhaustion and burnout. Someone who is ready to learn, but more importantly, to take action and take a proactive role in designing their life. If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place and we would love to have you on board!

How is the course delivered?

Self Mastery Course is a 6-week video program delivered to you by the experts in helping people achieve extraordinary results in their life and business - that’s us, Cat and Allen We have personally recorded videos that cover each module, along with actionable advice that you will be applying to your life and business as you go along. We have a suggested weekly curriculum, but you are free to go at your own pace and revisit lessons when you need them most. Each module is easily digestible, to avoid overwhelming you with a ton of information that ultimately paralyzes people into inaction. Instead, we want you to take massive action, so you can reap the results that each module provides.

What can I expect from Self Mastery Alliance?

The Self Mastery Alliance is your go-to place to connect with like minded top performers and entrepreneurs, who all share big goals and visions to becoming the best versions of themselves. Your admission to Self Mastery Alliance is covered by your tuition to join the Self Mastery Course, and is yours for life. Our community will only continue to grow, giving you the chance to meet exciting new people and collaborate on opportunities.

Will I have access to Cat and Allen?

We are active participants within Self Mastery Alliance and often share our own struggles and wins on this entrepreneurial journey. Because we also run a successful and fast growing business, we can’t promise to be there to answer and chime in on all of your conversations. Nor would you really want us to. We encourage active problem solving and we are completely confident in our community’s collective knowledge to guide each other through the smallest details and the biggest projects.

What if I don’t love the course?

If, after you learn and apply the concepts that we teach inside Self Mastery Course you don’t see real results in your levels of productivity and discipline, and don’t have a concrete roadmap to achieve your high level goals, we’ll be happy to refund your investment. Our 30-day refund policy lets you try the entire course risk free. Apply the same systems that top performers and entrepreneurs use to strategically design their lives for success. And if for some reason those systems don’t work for you, we’ll take care of you and refund your full investment.


How much is your lack of focus or direction costing you? How much of your potential are you not reaching due to the sea of distractions? A lack of clarity and focus may already been costing you the most valuable resource of all — time.