Accountability Club

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Stop Procrastinating and Start Living

You could do it alone, but you don’t have to. Join the BestSelf Co. Accountability Club and unlock the support and know-how you need to transform your life-changing goals into reality - in just 13-weeks.

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Achieve your goals and create work-life harmony with the perfect blend of coaching, accountability, and community

Science says 92% of people never achieve their goals. The Accountability Club is for the 8% who are ready to achieve the big things they can’t stop dreaming about - such as writing a book, running a marathon, or launching a side hustle.

During each 13-week cycle, you’ll work with your dedicated coach to set your vision, craft your roadmap, and feel inspired to take focused action everyday.

Join to beat self-sabotage, overcome fear,
and transform your life - in 13-weeks.

Leverage Six Ingredients for Laser Focus and Inevitable Success.

For every 13-week cycle you remain a member, you’ll access:

30-min 1:1 Goal-Setting Session
SELF Journal & Productivity Tools
Monthly Group Coaching Calls
Weekly Check-ins
Accountability Community

Step 1

Create Your Vision

Work through the 20/20 Vision course and discover how to set goals, create a framework for inevitable success, and create work-life harmony.


Step 2

Adopt a Growth Mindset

The conversations you have with yourself determine your success. Your coach will help you cultivate positivity so you keep moving - even when you hit roadblocks.


Step 3

Create Your 13-Week Roadmap

Learn to set smart goals [that align with your vision] and break them into actionable steps. No more doubt and confusion about what to do. Instead, clarity over your to-do list - every day.


Step 4

Stay on Track

Stick tight to your path with the help of weekly check-ins and monthly group calls. We’ll hold you accountable to your milestones, inspiring you to go the extra mile to achieve them.


Step 5

Never Feel Alone

With support from your coach and like-minded peers, you’re empowered to think bigger and achieve more. Ask questions, get ideas, and find solutions - fast. Be accountable to a community who believe in you, and your best self thrive.


Step 6

Get More From Your Life

Get the planning and productivity tools you need to map out your goals and get the job done. Your bundle includes a SELF Journal, Weekly Action Pad, and Habit Roadmap our bestselling tools for top performers.



You steadily grow into becoming your best as you choose to be accountable and accept responsibility for improvement.

Steve Shallenberger

Based on the SELF Journal Framework:

Game Changer
I absolutely love this journal. The designers have truly thought of everything! It's the perfect mix of productivity planning and gratitude practice. I don't go anywhere without it.

Michelle B.

Realizing my best life
I have been using the SELF Journal for well over a year now and it has helped me realize so many goals. It is not as if I had never achieved my aims before, however this way is so much more planned, measured and focused.

Fiona N.

This keeps me sane!
I have been using self journal for over a year. I swear by how well self journal keeps me focused and moving forward on a daily, weekly and longer- term basis. I love how it helps me keep my attention on specific tasks and helps be from being distracted by the multitude of items I deal with day in and day out.

Patricia B.


Choose Your Plan

Using the proven success framework built into the SELF Journal, your coach and accountability partners will help you think bigger, achieve more, and create work-life harmony.

  • 1:1 Goal-Setting Session with Your Coach
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Accountability Community
  • Free Access to the 20/20 Vision Course - a $199 value
12-Month Membership

Four 13-week cycles

Best Value


Per Year

3-Month Membership

One 13-week cycle


Per Quarter

Your membership includes a SELF Journal each quarter, plus a Weekly Action Pad and a Habit Roadmap

Prefer a DIY approach to visioning and goal setting? Take the 20/20 Vision Course

Accountability FAQ's

Most people fall short of their goals because they don’t have a deadline or they pick a finish line that’s too far out. 13-weeks is long enough to achieve something significant but short enough to inspire action now. With 13-week cycles, you could quadruple your annual achievements.

Immediately upon signing up you’ll get access to the 20/20 Vision Course. You can work through this online course in your own time to set your vision for the year ahead. You’ll also receive your invite to the private Accountability Community as well as details of how to book your Goal-Setting 1:1.

Your goal-setting 1:1 will take place over Zoom. Your coach will record your call so you can review the recording anytime you like.

We’ve found that people get the best results when they are fully invested in themselves and their goals. You can pay for your Accountability Club membership once a quarter. Alternatively, sign up for a full year to benefit from the best price.

Once the cycle starts, there are no refunds. This program is an investment in yourself. We want you to be committed and accountable for your actions. We’ll do our part to ensure that you get the maximum return from your investment.

Once the doors for a 13-week cycle have closed, you can join the waitlist to get priority notification for the next round.

Immediately upon signing up you’ll get access to the 20/20 Vision Course and you'll get a Self Journal, Weekly Action Pad and a Habit Roadmap. You can work through this online course in your own time to set your vision for the year ahead. You’ll also receive your invite to the private Accountability Community as well as details of how to book your Goal-Setting 1:1.