Courage Over Comfort: 30-Day Challenge

It’s time to get comfortable, being uncomfortable

Fear is a natural and essential part of growth and a non-negotiable when chasing your goals. Each time you consciously step out of your comfort zone, the next uncomfortable thing feels a little easier. Join the Courage Over Comfort challenge and discover how small, but powerful daily steps will help you face your fears, cultivate courage, and feel unstoppable in all areas of your life.


Inspire Yourself To Thrive In Discomfort And Achieve Those Bigger Goals

  • 30-Day Challenge

  • Community Encouragement

  • 10 Minutes Per Day

  • Lifelong Impact


" This challenge has been helpful in many ways for me. I enjoy having something creative, fun and outside of the box to do daily. It has been good to have a daily task to focus on and I have been sharing my experiences with my husband and we have discussions about how we could incorporate some of the challenges into our daily lives. I have been having a slump in my business and these challenges have helped to lift me and give me some well needed confidence to keep going and don't let the small things get you down. "