Courage over Comfort Momentum Challenge

30 Day

Courage over Comfort

Digital Challenge

A Tool For Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Pushing The Boundaries

Anyone that has ever wanted to become a better version of themselves, quickly learns that when you push yourself beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone, that’s where the magic happens. Every challenge begins on the 1st of each month. Enroll today for next month’s digital challenge.

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

The Courage Over Comfort Challenge will present you with 30 days of challenges that will get you on the path to an improved version of yourself. Each day you will receive a personal email with a video from our CEO Cathryn, detailing the challenge of the day. As you go through each challenge, you will build habits that allow you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.You’ll have access to the challenges for 45 days and receive a digital version of the challenge to keep.

Fulfill Your Own Potential

With specific prompts to push the boundaries of your health and fitness (think cold showers!) or personal development (dance classes anyone?) and even making new friends, we’ve designed each day of this challenge to help you fulfill your own potential!

Be a part of the Courage Community

The Courage over Comfort challenge is also designed to give you space to interact with other members who are taking the challenge with you, so that you can build a community to freely share your own moments of courage.


So what happens when you complete the 30 day Courage Over Comfort Challenge?

You’ll handle the unexpected with ease.

Get too comfortable in life and you’ll forget how to handle problems when they arise. But when you’re outside your comfort zone you’ll begin to look at your problems as new challenges to be tackled rather than headaches that need to be avoided.

You’ll become a “controlled risk taker”.

No risk, no reward right? Well sometimes people take unnecessary risks. The Courage Over Comfort Challenge will help you learn to take controlled risks without fear and anxiety clouding your vision and judgement. Thanks to your newfound confidence, leaping into the unknown won’t seem so scary.

Your creativity will skyrocket.

Seeking out new experiences, learning new skills, and digging into new ideas will have an amazing impact on you. They will re-write who you are as a person. You’ll be inspired to challenge your old ways of thinking and you’ll have the lessons and tools to conquer things that previously seemed too hard to even try.