Digital Challenge Details

Each day of the 30 day challenge you’ll be given a prompt or thought-provoking question in one of 5 categories:Life, Past, Sex, About You, and Relationships.

All you and your partner need to do is read the question, give it serious thought on your own, and then come together to discuss it.

These questions are designed to shine light on areas that are often neglected, in order to grow vulnerability, trust and intimacy. While some questions might be uncomfortable, each one is a small step towards deeper connections and relationship growth.

The Science Of “Intentional Intimacy

What do you think of when you hear the word intimacy? Well, most people immediately think of sex. But true intimacy is simply a state of emotional closeness between two people where they feel comfortable to share sensitive and significant parts of themselves that they normally keep hidden, in some cases, even from themselves.

Unsurprisingly, people who report having open and intimate relationships tend to be happier and healthier, as intimacy is an important predictor of long-term relationship satisfaction.

Challenge Benefits

Deeper, longer lasting bonds of intimacy

Give and receive love and attention more authentically. We all give and receive love in different ways. This challenge was designed to help you understand what your partner needs from you, and how to confidently express what you need from your partner. The result is deeper, longer lasting bonds of intimacy.

Better understand each other 

Higher levels of trust and deeper bonds with your partner. While you might be hesitant to be vulnerable, remember - your partner is too. The 30 days of conversations will help you better understand each other and how to care for each other’s feelings. 

What matters most

Deeper and more enriching conversations. Instead of the “how was your day” small talk that gets old, you’ll understand what really makes each other tick, what thrills you and ultimately what matters most.